My Thoughts on Django and DjangoGirls

Having completed the DjangoGirls tutorial, including extenstions and more, I must say that I like it.
Granted, this blog only uses the most basic stuff and there's near endless potential for improvements. However, I feel that Django is logical and easy to work with. The way of putting together models, views, urls and templates and mixing it up with some Django fairydust is a most joyful experience. I've not worked with many web frameworks before but I do have some encounters with Flask and right now I think I prefer Django. I'm not sure why, and I'm much too inexperienced to have a say in the matter, but it might be due to Django being more mature when it comes to documentation and code base. Or actually, it's because I never liked the 'g' object in Flask, does something equivalent exist in Django?

As for DjangoGirls, the tutorial is really well made. I especially like the concept of showing the errors you encounter and then fixing said errors as a means of learning. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced programmer I recommend that you try it out, it's fun! The extension lessons probably need a bit more work to reach the same quality as the main chapters, but I think they brought some really nice features to the blog, so do them as well.

Finally, I'm sorry for the all too weird blog posts I made during this process. The things I'm capable of creating when I let my fantasy flow freely during hard time constraints are strange to say the least. But I do find the one about the weather quite charming, if you will.

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